Question 113



There are different ways to promote the values of NFP. One very effective way is to form a team made up of an NFP Outreach priest and a local NFP teaching couple. 

In late October I was working in the Ogdensburg Diocese, in upper New York State, with Dave & Julie Cook, a delightful young couple who have been called to share what they discovered for themselves with other couples.

I preached an NFP Parish Weekend at Fr. Mark Reilly’s parish and missions. After each Mass, Dave & Julie made a crisp and brief presentation in the parish church on the merits of NFP. They provided brochures which listed names of local NFP teachers, contacts and resources. We also provided some relevant CDs. 

Here is the letter the Cooks sent to me after the event: 

Dear Fr. Habiger, 

We wanted to thank you again for taking the time and effort to visit Watertown last weekend. Also, thank Stella for us; her helpfulness and dedication were evident from the beginning, and she made the whole process a breeze. You have a staff worthy of your cause! 

Words can’t express how grateful we are for your work. Everything about this experience was wonderful. Your insight and suggestions for effectively promoting NFP in our area are invaluable, and we can’t imagine proceeding without them. It truly was divine providence that you touched our lives at this time. 

We now realize the value of a dual approach, with a priest and teaching couple promoting together. It’s the best possible combination because in the eyes of the congregation, what one can’t offer, the other can. Combining solid, credible theology with real, everyday people is truly a winning dynamic, and we can’t wait to practice it throughout our diocese. 

Again, thank you so much for your generosity and support. We will always remember this weekend with joy and gratitude!

God bless, -- Dave & Julie Cook

EVANS MILLS, NY MISSION: (Back Row) NFP Outreach's Fr. Habiger, Dave and Julie Cook from Watertown, NY,  (Front Row)  Angelo & Suzanne Pietropaoli, Father Mark Reilly, Pastor of St. Mary's Church - Link